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21ST JULY 2018



Of all the wedding videos Wishing Wells Creative has filmed, this is the first one where music was the centrepiece of the whole day.


From string quartets to brass bands, from solo singer to full swing and soul band, Lizzie and Mark set the right tune for a fun, dance-filled day… and night!

Lizzie and Mark Couples 1.jpg

Lizzie and Mark were officially introduced to each other at a dinner party hosted by their mutual friend Kate – although fittingly they had met at a booming nightclub previously on a night out , though neither clearly remembered it!

They have since shared many more dinner parties – and party nights out together – and this love of socialising, dancing and sense of fun played a huge part in setting the playful, laid-back tone for their wedding day at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool.

Lizzie and Mark Lizzie Parents Buttonhol
Lizzie and Mark Lizzie Veil.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Lizzie and Abi.jpg

Originally from Southport, and the youngest of 6 children to Bill and Yvonne, Lizzie trained as a doctor and has travelled the world during her studies and medical practices. Mark, hails from Doncaster, from a family of doctors and was encouraged to follow the medical route himself – although he found his own path in life and has had his own fair share of world travels. 

Lizzie and Mark now live in London but it was Lizzie’s home town and family church that the couple settled on to seal their marriage vows and so they called on Lancashire-based wedding co-ordinators Harper and Grace to assist with all the preparations.

Lizzie and Mark Lizzie and Maids.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Bouquet.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Mark and Groomsmen.jpg

Lizzie and Mark wanted lively party content for their main wedding film, and their guests didn’t disappoint with dancing and merriment happening all day long.  


Colour, live music and fun were the main themes of the day. Wedding guests were greeted with beautiful melodies from Athena Strings at St. Joseph’s church.


Flowers were vibrant and Lizzie’s stunning bouquet was simply brimming with colour. Her bridesmaids wore mint green floor length dresses adorned with lace while Lizzies own dress, from Boa Boutique, was elegant silk with a lace bodice. 

Lizzie and Mark Wedding Car 1.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Church.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Wedding Car 2.jpg

Mark and the groomsmen wore dark grey tailcoats and peach bow-ties from Debenhams, along with peach, orange and red buttonholes – even the little pageboys got in on the act with matching suits.

After the traditional Catholic wedding ceremony and mass, Mark and Lizzie led the procession out of church and were greeted by a surprise brass band delighting the assembled party with a fusion of brass and pop. 

The summer heatwave was still going stong and Mark and Lizzie had the genius idea of serving ice-cream cones from Lanza's to their guests while they had their group shots taken with Kathryn from Delicious Photography, all the while the music continued.

Lizzie and Mark Ceremony Wide.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Ceremony Ring.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Smile.jpg

From the church, friends and family from around the world travelled to Liverpool by a bus arranged by the happy couple. Mark and Lizzie, however, had their own unique way of arriving to the Titanic hotel.


Guests were greeted at the quayside by music once more and as they looked out to the water, the band struck up a very apt tune - 'My Heart Will Go On' from the film soundtrack… Mark and Lizzie sailed into view aboard the Pride of Sefton’, in their own Jack and Rose performance.


They even re-enacted the famous ‘flying’ scene from the bow of the boat, with Mark shouting out “I’m King of the world”!

Lizzie and Mark King of the world.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Hat throw.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Conga.jpg

Once on dry land the couple were welcomed to the reception through a confetti guard of honour and the party got started. Dancing ensued with Lizzie taking centre-stage and it culminated in a quayside conga into the exquisitely dressed Rum Warehouse.


Again, the string quartet played as guests took their seats on tables adorned with blossom trees and breathtaking floral centrepieces. Candles and personalised table names – including ‘The Chocolate Factory’ (with an image of Lizzie and Mark dressed as Oompa Loompas) and ‘The Death Star’ completed the table decorations (stationery by Nina Thomas). 


An impressive flower wall was the backdrop for the top table and the piece-de-resistance was a stunning four-tier wedding cake made by Lizzie's incredibly talented Auntie Sandra, decorated with yet more vivid blooms from David Beckham-Doyle.

Lizzie and Mark Room setup.jpg
Lizzie and Mark String quartet cu.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Wedding Cake.jpg

After the meal and speeches - where Lizzie and Mark were presented with a timepiece by Lizzie's father Bill that had been in his possession since Lizzie's parents were first married - Lizzie and Mark took a little time out to take their portraits and guests were treated to a lively performance in the staircase room.

All of this was just a warm-up however for the serious party to start! 

Lizzie and Mark Couples 3.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Timer.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Singer 1.jpg

The night-do was an incredible party from the get-go. 


Smileomatic photobooths provided fun props and instant prints for a unique guestbook and The London Swing Band had everyone else flocking to the dancefloor, which never emptied once, and ramped up to an epic dance-off that had everyone involved.

Lizzie and Mark First Dance.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Photobooth 2.jpg
Lizzie and Mark Dance off 1.jpg

I would like to thank Lizzie, Mark and all their family and friends for welcoming Wishing Wells Creative to capture what was an unbelievable day. The memory of this wedding will long live with me, as I’m sure it will with the new Mr & Mrs O’Goodhead, as they watch their amazing wedding video for many years to come.


And now you can watch the sharing version of their highlights below.

Nic x

Lizzie & Mark, log-in to your personal cinema page to watch all your wedding videos.

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