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'Little Wishes' are the ideal introduction to Living Portraits, as they are self-contained mini video shoots that can be combined over the course of your child's first year to create one perfectly formed, beautiful film, documenting all of your little person's changes over that important first year.

And believe me, they will change a lot!


People are in the habit of booking in a newborn photography shoot, but the concept of video portraits is something that hasn't really become the norm for family shoots - until now!


With 'Little Wishes' I want to transform the way you capture memories of your child and, as they grow, you will have something truly unique to look back on.


The time when they are little is so fleeting, you need to capture every moment before it's too late. 


With this in mind, 'Little Wishes' are mini video shoots, specifically designed for babies from newborn to one year old.

Each mini video shoot can be self-contained, taking roughly just 15 minutes of your time to capture, after which you will receive a one-minute video clip that is yours forever, to share as you like. One-minute is the perfect length for social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and even better to keep family and friends up-to-date with the huge changes your little one is making. 

Gift vouchers are available - perfect for baby shower presents - so family and friends can contribute to your Little Wishes journey.


After your 'Little Wishes' video shoot you can choose to end your journey, but wouldn't it be amazing to continue capturing your baby, over the course of their first year, and chronicle their incredible growth? 


By combining regular 'Little Wishes' mini video shoots over the course of your child's first year, you can own a single edit shortly after their first birthday* showing their development to toddler in one glorious mini film!


Photography is beautiful, but imagine looking back at all your newborn’s movements, their heart-melting early smiles, hiccups, bubbles, gurgles, and chunky legs racing in their nappy as they learn to crawl and walk while holding your finger! 


With everyone living their lives through social media, video is the perfect medium to transport you back to such treasured moments and share them with family and friends – perhaps even loved ones overseas.


Video streaming is far more emotionally powerful than a still image. It's no longer about just having the photo in the frame, now you can preserve the 'real' memory of what your child was like as a baby.


It won't be too long until I have a full year 'Little Wishes' film to show you, but for now you can see what the self-contained films look like with the beautiful babies below. 


If you would like more information about 'Little Wishes', Living Portraits, or would like to purchase a gift voucher, please contact us.

Grace Bradley

Odin Stansfield

Jaxon Mee

mini Mee

Lukas & Cruz Wells

George Hothersall

Oscar Smith

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