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I take your privacy seriously and with that in mind I only collect what information I deem necessary. I don’t share any information with third parties – other than with a second shooter who needs to know where they are going on the wedding day, and a contact number should any emergency arise.


Footage taken on your day is treated with respect. I don’t capture anything knowingly – and certainly don’t share anything – that could put anyone in your party in a compromising position.  Should anyone in your party wish to remain anonymous, they have the right to contact me to have the shot featuring them removed or disguised.


Information I collect from you, such as email address, address, telephone number, wedding date and venue are all so I can do the job you are hiring me to do.


I do share highlights and sneak peeks of videos on my social media channels and website but only with your permission. You have the right to refuse such sharing at anytime. 


I use analytics software (Google) which displays the number of users visiting my website, the referral point and their journey through my website. From this I can see the geographic location of the user based on their Internet Provider’s location which may not be accurate to the specific location of the user. 


Footage taken from your day is stored on encrypted hard drives and used on a password protected computer. I back up footage to the same specification. At the moment I keep footage indefinitely as couples sometimes decide to revisit their video later on and have additional edits created. If you wish for me to delete all footage and references to your footage that can be done by contacting me. If, in the future I am looking to free up space by deleting older footage, I would contact you on the email you provided to me to check if you have any requirement for me to store it further.


I do not take any monetary information from you – all payments are sent to me rather than me collecting from you so do not have any bank details stored.


My website is a Wix Premium site with security add-ons purchased. 


With all modern technology, hacking may be possible but I have taken all necessary steps to protect all data collected.

If you wish to contact me to discuss privacy issues, or have clips removed, please click here.

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