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I recently ran a competition to win a free 'Little Wishes' family video shoot on all of my social media channels and as it was the first competition I decided to give a prize to one winner from entries to each of my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts!

Tom hedged his bets and entered on both Facebook and Twitter. At the time, he and partner Codie were expectant parents, but the forward thinking parents to be decided to share their scan picture with us in the hope that they would win a little Wishes video shoot. 

little wishes video shoot competition winner on twitter


The big draw came around and Burnley fan Tom was the lucky winner of the Twitter draw, now we just had to wait for baby Smith to make an appearance. 

We didn't have too long to wait and baby Oscar was born just over a week ago! Wasting no time, we decided it was best to capture little Oscar at this most precious, tiny time. Newborns really don't look like newborns for very long and I didn't want to miss this opportunity to capture him so tiny. It really is true, time flies, and in just a couple of weeks I bet Tom and Codie are looking back at baby Oscar's Little Wishes video shoot and seeing how much he'll have changed already!


So, today was the day. For Little Wishes video shoots I only need to take up around 15 minutes of your time, and the idea is that they are shot in your own home, where you and baby are all comfortable. Codie had the foresight to feed baby Oscar just before I was due which meant he was wide awake for the camera - and certainly not camera shy either!

If I could predict the future, I'd say this little man could be destined to be in films. 

Tom and Codie have taken to parenting with ease as well, and the calm, welcoming atmosphere I was welcomed with at their home came across incredibly well in their video. I'm so excited that they, and baby Oscar, have begun their Little Wishes journey, and now you can watch their video below.

Oscar's First 'Little Wishes' Living Portrait Shoot, 120718


I'll be launching more competitions in the future to win a Little Wishes baby video shoot, but if you're interested in starting your very own Little Wishes journey, you don't have to wait until your baby is here. 

Little Wishes video portrait sessions can be paid for in 'Wish Credits'* meaning you can start buying vouchers while you are still working, before taking maternity leave. Friends and family can gift you 'Wish Credits' before or once baby is here,

and at just £25 for a 'Wish Credit', they make an ideal baby shower gift!

I'll be setting up my online store to purchase Little Wishes 'Wish Credits' very soon so you'll be able to download and print your own gift voucher so they are also ideal for a last-minute gift idea.

Until then however, you can always contact us to order your Little Wishes 'Wish Credit' for you or your loved one, and make a start on your Little Wishes baby and family videography journey straight away.

Nic x


*Your first Little Wishes video session will cost 4 Wish Credits. Commitment to blocks of Little Wishes video shoots will reduce the number of Wish Credits needed to purchase a video shoot. Commitment to a full year video shoots  offers the best deal.

Contact us for more information.

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