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Strictly speaking, this clip could fall under my wedding video blog as this footage was shot at Zoe & Darren's wedding reception at the Alma Inn, Laneshawbridge, in September 2017. but it goes to show you that breath-taking memories can happen at any time and

Wishing Wells Creative was incredibly fortunate to be on hand to capture this special footage!

Little Miah-Rose was a member of the wedding party with her mum Kara and dad Ryan. She had been such a well behaved little girl all day and I managed to capture some lovely shots of her dishing out the smiles - and devouring one of the cupcakes served with the wedding breakfast afternoon tea in the Alma conservatory. 

I'm a mum myself to a cheeky three-year old so find I have a natural ability to interact with toddlers and get the best out of them on camera but nothing could prepare me for what I filmed on the dance floor later as the evening reception was just about to get going. 

Kara gently helped Miah-Rose to her feet she took then a couple of steps forwards while mum holds her arms - and then mum lets go...


 Miah-Rose took one step gingerly forwards and paused to regain her balance.


Step number two and you can see little Miah-Rose is determined! Three and four come confidently and there we have it, she is walking!


The faces of those watching her are incredible as they realise these are the very first steps she is walking solo - but that's not enough for super-clever Miah-Rose...

She pauses, stands, turns back towards mummy Kara and she is off again, this time for a circuit around the dance floor!


The cheeky look on her face as she approaches the camera is priceless. She turns again and heads round the remainder of the circuit and is only put off when a little boy dancing blocks her path and she bumps to the floor with her padded nappy breaking the fall. 

When Kara told me immediately after that these were Miah-Rose's first steps I almost cried!

I knew I had to track her down to share this footage with her.

Well done Miah-Rose on an incredible 50 steps and four turns, there'll be no stopping you now!

 Nic x

For more information about how Wishing Wells Creative can help capture special moments in your child's life as they grow, 

please get in touch or check out our Living Portraits section on the website. 

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